Gem (gemstarmew) wrote in neoquest2,

More info to stuff here :D

thought i should dump this here for my memory :D its more about the kidnapping ;_;

says, "You must be the adventurers! Please, you must find our little Lifira!
They took her off to the west, but beyond that, I don't know... You may have to
search in the Valley of Kings to find her. There's a gap in the mountains to the
west of here that leads into the valley--it's easy to miss, so be watchful."

says, "Oh, our poor daughter! How can these undead fiends just come into our
village and steal her like that? It's horrible! I don't know what to do--I
wanted to go out and look for her, but everyone says it's too dangerous! Oh,
would you adventurers go find her? Please!"

says, "Please, I hope you can find my big sister! I didn't mean it when I said I
wished she'd get kidnapped by zombies! It was just a joke, but then it really
happened! Oh, I feel so awful about it!" Amoti cries into her pillow.</p>
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