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The waitings getting harder now that winter falls..

Nufam says, "Well, if you've talked to anyone else you've probably heard by now, but Lifira, who is Hizaga and Zasise's daughter, was kidnapped a few nights ago. With all the monsters roaming the desert, certainly none of us can go out there and find her."

You say, "We'll try and find her. Do you know which way they took her?"

Nufam says, "I was awoken by the commotion, and I saw them flee from the village with her, off to the west. The only thing out that way is..." He looks around, as if afraid of being overheard. "The Valley of Kings, in which lies the ancient Palace of Kings. But we all thought it had been abandoned for ages, since long before any of us in this village were ever born." He shakes his head. "I don't know why they would kidnap her, or if she's even still alive, but... if any adventurers were to go and find her, I know we'd all be eternally grateful." He raises an eyebrow at you.


Velm looks up at you as you approach. He squints at you, as if trying to place your features. "Uh, hello there," he says. "Can I help you with something?"

You say, "Who are you?"

Velm blinks. "Ah, well... I'm a cleric. I think. And, uh, I seem to be having some... memory problems. I know my name, though--Velm! I woke up in this 'inn' yesterday morning; apparently I'd arrived late the night before. Everyone in this village seems to think that I'm an adventurer of some kind! But from what I can gather, I'm just a simple cleric trying to make my way in the world. Odd, don't you think?"

You say, "Well, they think we're adventurers too. Would you like to join our party?"

Velm says, "Ah... I don't know, really, what good I could be. I have some kind of spellbook, but I haven't been able to cast any of the spells in it. Except once." He frowns. "I was walking back from one of the other tents, and I saw some kind of strange undead creature appear almost out of nowhere. I was very scared, but I shouted something--I can't remember what, now--and the creature suddenly got a confused look in its eyes. It just stood there for a while, then wandered away without looking back. I guess it was some kind of distraction or... mesmerization spell I tried to cast, but I've been trying to duplicate my feat for hours. No luck; maybe I can only use magic when I'm scared or in danger? At any rate, adventuring... well, I guess it beats sitting around here all day long. Sure, I'll join you."

Velm has joined your party!
Exciting neh? 4 party members :D


My - Velm - stat points:

- 10 skill points on Healing
- 10 skill points on Group Healing
- 5 skill points on Mesmerization
- 5 skill points on Celestial Hammer
- 2 skill points on Innate Casting Haste

not sure if i did the right thing.. but.. meh :D nifty! an acolyte :D
wow this feels so much like ragnarok ^^ *huggles it to death*

};{ NQ2 Info };{
Last seen: Waset Village
Level: 33
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