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Neoquest II Adventurers Travel Guide

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Friday, March 19th, 2004
2:05 pm

You are attacked by Anubits!

Anubits grins evilly at you as you approach. "You think to reach the Altar of Destiny? You will have to get past me first!" he shouts.


Rohane gained 769 experience points!

Mipsy gained 769 experience points!
Mipsy has gained a level! She is now level 41, and gains a skill point!

Talinia gained 769 experience points!

Velm gained 769 experience points!

You found 1 staff of giving!
You found 1 light sun plate!
You found 1 senior magician's robe!

You gain 1,200 neopoints!


"we're being flown into the nearest star eh... maybe i should get some sun tan lotion :D* off to the haunted woods i go *hums*

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Saturday, March 13th, 2004
2:29 pm

Guess whos back =D - I have started to play again, after a break ^^;

i guess this is all i can offer now -_- i forgot to save what it said before..

The completed Medallion glows with a subtle light. The gemstone's position on the map indicates the location of Zakharukh's Pyramid.

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004
2:58 pm

You are attacked by Coltzan's Ghost!

Coltzan's ghost looks at you sadly. "It is not my will--but you must die!" He attacks!

Coltzan's ghost withdraws from the fight, then suddenly he becomes more solid, more real... but still a spirit. "Thank you for releasing me from that evil grip," he says. "Come, we have much to talk about."

Rohane gained 769 experience points!

Mipsy gained 769 experience points!

Talinia gained 769 experience points!

Velm gained 769 experience points!

You found 1 silver holy chain!
You found 1 fibrous recurve bow!

You gain 800 neopoints!

King Coltzan says, "I must thank you again for releasing my spirit from the grip in which it was held. As you may know, I died by poisoning some months ago... but I found myself again with life--after a fashion--a few weeks ere now. I found myself here, and I have not been able to leave this room. I also found myself forced to kill anyone and anything who entered this place, even though I did not will it--my body moved of its own accord, striking down all who came here. But you have freed me... somehow."

You say, "Why are you here?"

King Coltzan says, "It took me not long to discover the reason. In the barrel behind me lies a piece of what I think, if I am not mistaken, is the Medallion of Wind. I suppose I was summoned to prevent anyone from acquiring it... as I guess that you are here looking for it. And my will is my own now; I will hinder you no longer. There's no time to lose. I sense that you already have two of the other pieces... take the third, combine it with the other two, and it should form a map showing you where to find the gem that the Medallion holds. The gemstone is what gives it its power. The rest of the Medallion is simply a device for holding the gem; without the gem, it is just a hunk of metal. Approach the barrel, take the third piece, and then go."

*after approaching the barrel*
- Something has happened! -
Lying atop the barrel next to King Coltzan is the centerpiece of the Medallion of Wind. "The centerpiece will show you the location of the Gemstone. Find it, then take the Medallion to the Altar of Destiny and use it. Powerful forces will try to stop you. Do not submit to them."

- Something has happened! -
You pick up the centerpiece and fit it into the Medallion. It forms a more complete map, now, marking the location of the Gemstone with an 'x'. You turn to thank King Coltzan, but he fades from sight before you can say anything.

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
6:13 pm - Boredom shall rule the world :D muwahh

Bledynn says, "Well, bless my eyes! I ain't seen another person alive in this sandstorm in forever. 'Course, I have been wandering around in the FREAKING DESERT for six weeks, so what do you expect?"

You say, "Who are you?"

Bledynn says, "Oh, my name's Bledynn. Nice to meetcha. Yeah, well, like I said, I've been wandering around for a while. Not a living soul in sight--'course, that's mostly due to the HORDES OF RAVENING UNDEAD all over the place. And the various not-undead-but-still-dangerous beasties walking about, too. Although I guess even the ravenin' undead hordes learn after a while--they don't come near me any more." He brandishes a large sword. "Vera here makes sure of that."

You say, "Uh... Vera?"

Bledynn says, "You bet. She's a pretty thing, ain't she?" He smiles at his sword. "Yep, she and I've been through a lot together. I found her up yonder, in the old ruined city at the top of the mountain here. That little undead fella I got her from's not needin' her any more." He grins.

You say, "Do you know anything else about the city?"

Bledynn says, "Why, sure. I spent a little time scouting about. Worst thing I saw was a ghostly Lupe of some kind. Big fella, kinda royal-lookin'. Maybe some undead king, I dunno. I didn't stick around, though... he gave me the willies. Well, if you're gonna go explore up there, I say good luck to ya. I'm gonna stay here 'til the sandstorm ends. Have fun!"

};{ NQ2 Info };{
Last seen: Lost Desert
Level: 39

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9:42 am

You say, "The Medallion of Wind."

Bukaru nods again. "Accessing. Hmm... interesting. Okay, I'll make this pretty easy." He clears his throat, then begins to speak in a booming, stentorian voice. "Travel due north from where I now stand, o mighty adventurers, until you come up against the northern mountains. Then you shall turn east, and proceed until your path is again blocked. There, at the foot of the cliffs, you shall find the buried treasure for which you seek!" He lowers his arms and looks at you. "Pretty good, eh? Anyway, once you find it, you'll want to head off to the southeast, and find the old ruined city of Akhten-Ka, up in the mountains. Its location will be marked on the piece of the medallion that you find. Well? Get going!"

- Something has happened! -
You arrive at the spot Bukaru told you about, after a long trudge through the desert. You begin to dig through the sand, searching for any sign of the second piece of the Medallion of Wind...

*keep digging*

- Something has happened! -
After only a few minutes you find the second piece of the Medallion of Wind! You fit the two pieces together, and they magically fuse into one. The lines on the Medallion seem to form a sort of crude map.

The partially-completed Medallion now appears to form a map of the Lost Desert. The upper part of the map is where you found the lower half of the medallion. The ruined city of Akhten-Ka is marked by a small black dot in the bottom-right area of the Medallion.

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
9:06 am

This journal has alot of cutouts from the game neoquest 2, if you haven't completed it yet then it may spoil your game ;_; just warning you ^^; its mainly for my information at the moment but soon this journal/community will be cleared and each chapter outlined to help people :D

good luck all!

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
9:03 am

Lifira says, "Well, I've had a little time to rest now... and I want to thank you again, honestly, for rescuing me. I was a bit put out, being stuck in that dungeon for three days, but I've gotten over it already. I suppose you wouldn't mind knowing what this was all about?"

You say, "We certainly are a bit curious."

Lifira nods, and then makes a gesture with her hand. The sound of the perpetual sandstorm outside suddenly vanishes, as do the sounds of the village and the words of Amoti, just across the room. Amoti looks upset at being excluded from the conversation. "This is a temporary silence ward; it will keep anyone from overhearing us. Well, 'silence ward' is really just the magical, in-character term... You see, I'm not really a 'lost little girl' in some desert village. I know that you are on-board a starship, trapped in the simulation rooms; and I am a computer program, much like the Snowager sentinel program that you have already met. 'Lifira' isn't my proper name; it's LFRA, which stands for Library Fast Retrieval Archive. The 'spells' that I cast are really information transfer requests that move across the ship's computer. I believe that the 'Revenant' who kidnapped me was just a manifestation of one of the many virus programs that have taken over the computer."

You say, "What was the Revenant's purpose?"

Lifira says, "From what I could gather, its purpose was to prevent me from answering data requests from the ship's computer and operating system. Now, I'm free, but the data lines are still clogged--that's what this so-called 'sandstorm' is. It's hard for any but the most simple requests to get through the system. That's where you come in: the Medallion of Wind is a sub-program that will reset the I/O ports and clear the data lines. But they broke it into three pieces, and scattered it around the system. You've got one piece now; the next one is buried in some old files deep in a data cluster, but I can't find it myself."

You say, "So how do we find it?"

Lifira says, "Far northwest of here--in game terms--is an oasis in the desert, a pool surrounded by palm trees. There you'll find a crazy old hermit. If you tell him the proper access code, he'll tell you where to find the second part of the medallion. The code is alpha-three-seven-tango-echo-nine." She looks each of your party square in the eye, and says gravely, "Good luck. All our fates depend on you retrieving that medallion."

You say, "Our fates? What do you mean?"

Lifira sighs, and says, "Because the people who took control of this ship... after they locked you in the simulation rooms, they set the ship to fly directly into a star. I don't know how long we have left, but as you see, time is of the essence." She rises, and ends the silence ward with a sharp gesture. The roar of the sandstorm fills your ears again. "Go now. And good luck. Remember all that I have said."

You say, "Do you know anything about the Medallion of Wind?"

Nufam says, "Well, now that you mention it... a few weeks ago I had a guest here, a cranky old man. He always was muttering something to himself when I saw him, but I didn't really think much about it before. But, yes, I overheard him say the word 'medallion' a few times. But I don't know what it means. Maybe someone else in town knows more."

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8:41 am

Lifira says, "Well, I heard the battle from in here. That Revenant of the Dunes was horrible, wasn't he?" She looks around, and sighs. "Well, let's get out of here."

You say, "You seem awfully calm about all this."

Lifira says, "Why shouldn't I be? The only reason I'm here at all is that the Revenant managed to put a holding spell on me before I could get a counterspell off. Now that he's dead, the spell's broken, so I can go home." She looks at you, then frowns. "Wait a second. Everyone in Waset gave you the 'Little Lifira's so lost, oh won't you please save her, wah wah wah' line, didn't they?" She sighs. "I wish they'd cut that out. I've been practicing magic for years, and I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. I don't know what the Revenant wanted with me, but I'm perfectly fine. He couldn't have harmed me, even if he was able to keep me from casting any spells."

You say, "Well, we're willing to escort you home."

Lifira says, "Ha!" and then blinks, startled. "I'm sorry... Let me apologize, I've been rude to you. Thank you very much for, er, rescuing me, as it were. But I won't need an escort. I can get back to Waset just fine by myself. There's a teleportation orb down the passage, which should take you outside." She smiles, and then waves her hand. "See you back in town; we can talk safely there." There's a bright flash, and she vanishes.

{Sub note}
the Revenant - 600 HP
possessed skeleton x2 - 185hp

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8:22 am - finally.. XD


You see a decaying, mummified figure before you--but despite its state, it appears fierce and powerful. Its mouth is covered by rotting cloth, but it makes a ghastly moaning sound as it moves to attack!


The Revenant shudders and falls to its knees as the final blow lands. A thin keening sound emits from its lifeless husk as it collapses to the ground. Behind it, you see two passages--one that leads to a glowing orb, and another that leads to a calm, but somewhat disheveled young woman.

Rohane gained 1,036 experience points!

Mipsy gained 1,036 experience points!

Talinia gained 1,036 experience points!

Velm gained 1,036 experience points!

You found 3,088 gold pieces!

You found 1 trained magician's robe!
You found 1 laminated holy chain!
You found 1 Potion of Abundant Health!

You gain 750 neopoints!


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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
7:27 pm - I found a journal page?

Examine journal page *click*

The journal page is old and faded, but you can still read it. It says,

"...the passage was completed some time ago, but they have just now gotten around to putting in torches. I have been against this idea since the beginning, but I am only a junior cleric, so they do not listen to me. I talked to Hazim about it, and he told me not to worry, that everything would turn out for the best. They still will not tell me what they are doing in there, or admit me access to the tunnel, but I have figured it out anyway. There is a bed in the sleeping chambers that conceals a staircase down to the tunnel. I do not know what lies beneath it, however, but I have seen them carrying many barrels and boxes through the halls. These barrels and boxes, I have not seen again in the regular storage rooms. I suspect that they are storing them down there... but for what purpose, I do not know. Tomorrow I think I will..."

The page ends there.

character update:

};{ NQ2 Info };{
Last seen: Palace of Ancient Kings
Level: 35

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6:54 pm - Go! Team, Go!!!


I love my neoquest team :D

Mispy - Group damage 4 monsters 60 damage :D
Talinia - spray arrows - more multiple damamge
Rohane - whacks them all quickly muwahh
Velm - group healing ^^ heals any damage :D :D

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6:39 pm - More info to stuff here :D

thought i should dump this here for my memory :D its more about the kidnapping ;_;

says, "You must be the adventurers! Please, you must find our little Lifira!
They took her off to the west, but beyond that, I don't know... You may have to
search in the Valley of Kings to find her. There's a gap in the mountains to the
west of here that leads into the valley--it's easy to miss, so be watchful."

says, "Oh, our poor daughter! How can these undead fiends just come into our
village and steal her like that? It's horrible! I don't know what to do--I
wanted to go out and look for her, but everyone says it's too dangerous! Oh,
would you adventurers go find her? Please!"

says, "Please, I hope you can find my big sister! I didn't mean it when I said I
wished she'd get kidnapped by zombies! It was just a joke, but then it really
happened! Oh, I feel so awful about it!" Amoti cries into her pillow.</p>

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6:04 pm - The waitings getting harder now that winter falls..

Nufam says, "Well, if you've talked to anyone else you've probably heard by now, but Lifira, who is Hizaga and Zasise's daughter, was kidnapped a few nights ago. With all the monsters roaming the desert, certainly none of us can go out there and find her."

You say, "We'll try and find her. Do you know which way they took her?"

Nufam says, "I was awoken by the commotion, and I saw them flee from the village with her, off to the west. The only thing out that way is..." He looks around, as if afraid of being overheard. "The Valley of Kings, in which lies the ancient Palace of Kings. But we all thought it had been abandoned for ages, since long before any of us in this village were ever born." He shakes his head. "I don't know why they would kidnap her, or if she's even still alive, but... if any adventurers were to go and find her, I know we'd all be eternally grateful." He raises an eyebrow at you.


Velm looks up at you as you approach. He squints at you, as if trying to place your features. "Uh, hello there," he says. "Can I help you with something?"

You say, "Who are you?"

Velm blinks. "Ah, well... I'm a cleric. I think. And, uh, I seem to be having some... memory problems. I know my name, though--Velm! I woke up in this 'inn' yesterday morning; apparently I'd arrived late the night before. Everyone in this village seems to think that I'm an adventurer of some kind! But from what I can gather, I'm just a simple cleric trying to make my way in the world. Odd, don't you think?"

You say, "Well, they think we're adventurers too. Would you like to join our party?"

Velm says, "Ah... I don't know, really, what good I could be. I have some kind of spellbook, but I haven't been able to cast any of the spells in it. Except once." He frowns. "I was walking back from one of the other tents, and I saw some kind of strange undead creature appear almost out of nowhere. I was very scared, but I shouted something--I can't remember what, now--and the creature suddenly got a confused look in its eyes. It just stood there for a while, then wandered away without looking back. I guess it was some kind of distraction or... mesmerization spell I tried to cast, but I've been trying to duplicate my feat for hours. No luck; maybe I can only use magic when I'm scared or in danger? At any rate, adventuring... well, I guess it beats sitting around here all day long. Sure, I'll join you."

Velm has joined your party!
Exciting neh? 4 party members :D


My - Velm - stat points:

- 10 skill points on Healing
- 10 skill points on Group Healing
- 5 skill points on Mesmerization
- 5 skill points on Celestial Hammer
- 2 skill points on Innate Casting Haste

not sure if i did the right thing.. but.. meh :D nifty! an acolyte :D
wow this feels so much like ragnarok ^^ *huggles it to death*

};{ NQ2 Info };{
Last seen: Waset Village
Level: 33

current mood: cheerful

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