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You see a decaying, mummified figure before you--but despite its state, it appears fierce and powerful. Its mouth is covered by rotting cloth, but it makes a ghastly moaning sound as it moves to attack!


The Revenant shudders and falls to its knees as the final blow lands. A thin keening sound emits from its lifeless husk as it collapses to the ground. Behind it, you see two passages--one that leads to a glowing orb, and another that leads to a calm, but somewhat disheveled young woman.

Rohane gained 1,036 experience points!

Mipsy gained 1,036 experience points!

Talinia gained 1,036 experience points!

Velm gained 1,036 experience points!

You found 3,088 gold pieces!

You found 1 trained magician's robe!
You found 1 laminated holy chain!
You found 1 Potion of Abundant Health!

You gain 750 neopoints!

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